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Community Health Services

Address: Arawa Street, Matamata
Business Website Address: http://www.advancedvitality.co.nz
Business Phone Number: 0800 883 030
Address: 83 Firth Street, Matamata
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Mental health rehabilitation home, providing respite
and long-term residential care through community
mental health services.

Business Phone Number: 07 888 8271
Address: Pohlen Hospital, Rawhiti Ave PO Box 13 Matamata
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Family health team members include:
– District Nurses, Occupational Therapist, Public Health Nurse, Dietitian
– Ear Nurse Specialist, School Dental Therapists
These services require a referral from a GP.

Business Phone Number: 07 888 6901
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Receives concerns or complaints regarding health care and treatment.

Business Website Address: http://www.healthcomplaints.co.nz
Business Phone Number: 0800 801 482
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In-patient Mental Health Services.

Business Phone Number: 07 839 8899